Entry #1

The Chameleon.

2009-01-07 06:02:30 by D-Mac-Double

"The chameleon is known for its camouflage skills, for the ability to change its own colour and wait hidden. It represents change and patience."

The Chameleon.


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2009-01-07 07:30:14

i think i was supposed to learn something here...

D-Mac-Double responds:

Quite the contrary, I expect no one to learn anything!


2009-01-07 08:54:00

Why spam?

(Updated ) D-Mac-Double responds:

There is no spam here, merely a cryptic metaphor that Sherlock Holmes himself could not find meaning in. ...Or maybe he COULD!


2009-01-16 13:40:11

Sounds a bit like someone I've worked with before...

D-Mac-Double responds:

There is a possibility that it DOES!


2009-02-13 00:18:39

That's a Yoshi, Snake. Watch out for it's long chameleon-like tounge. If it gets you, you'll be swallowed whole.

D-Mac-Double responds:

But do not be fooled! Yoshis come in many colors, but they cannot change their color, unlike the chameleon!!!


2009-02-18 11:30:53


(Updated ) D-Mac-Double responds:

Close! But more accurately, it is a TARP!

Yes, a tarp. Under which, one can bide their time before they suddenly emerge and STRIKE the unsupecting!


2009-03-02 23:49:13

A Canadian Voice Actor it just proves that Canada is used as voice Actors for most Anime Shows and Cartoons

D-Mac-Double responds:

No. It does not. Los Angeles will always be the #1 hotspot for animation voicework in North America. That isn't really going to change.

Toronto and New York constantly duke it out over the remaining scraps, and fortunately, there are many scraps to be had! Vancouver was once a strong area as well, but I hear it's gradually dying down.


2009-03-16 15:27:41

you are really helpful. you are kind and welcoming. and you have alot of respect for everyone. i have a lot of respect for you. and i really appreciated your reply to my message, and the PM you sent me. you are legend. and NG deserves people like you. :D:D:D i have said what i waned to say.

D-Mac-Double responds:

Heh, legend I am not. But I do what I can.


2009-03-29 17:05:44

YES YOU ARE LEGEND! SEE! YOU HELPED ME AGAIN! swallow the compliment man! that is your only fault! LOL.
thanks for the input. i know my comment on the forum was brash about people whining, but it was really getting to me. i am so thankful for your input! and really appreciate your help. My vocals are limited in terms of screams and laaughs. i just cant do them! i have had requests to scream and shout! uh oh! lol.
my dad works nights and my mum works days. so their is always someone asleep! darn it! i didnt go all out on the voices. but i sure as hell will now.
also... you actually Voice act on TV! OMG. WOW congrats! what shows have you been on? also if you are a Proffesional voice actor can i ask you some questions about choosing to be a voice actor as a career. If you are able to spare the time i would really appreciate it!

Thanks again. you rock. :D:D:D


2009-04-27 20:56:31

Hey, your voice acting for the reincarnation demon guy is top notch!!

You give it a very distinctive voice that fits the character perfectly and puts the emphasis on the words exactly the right way, it's better than most of the cartoon voice acting on prime time TV.

I hope you make lots more cartoons with his voice!

D-Mac-Double responds:

Hi there! Really glad to hear you enjoyed my voicework! Although, I later realized I actually flubbed a liiiittle bit, by forgetting to keep rolling my "R"s about halfway through my recordings.

I try not to use similar voices on different characters, so it's unlikely you'll hear me use that voice for someone else, but I'm certainly looking forward to being the Demon again in Reincarnation 3-- which I hope you enjoy just as much, if not more!

Thanks again for your comment!


2009-05-15 03:37:45

Your icon is seriously speedy Cerviche.... you... rock...

D-Mac-Double responds:

You -recognize- Speedy Cerviche?! You rock.


2009-05-18 04:54:04

chameleon's change color beacuse of their mood.. not beacuse they blend in with their backgrounds... this is a common mistake... just look at your picture... is that chameleon blending in well with the background?... hmmm... more research is required before teaching...


2009-09-29 20:42:26

long time old bean! hope you are happy and healthy. just thought i would pop in to say a huge thank you for using my audio submission in your VA submission! ultimately Wonchop used it aswell and now it is top 1 in audio portal. i have you both to thank, but propably you more since it would still be in the dark without you noticing it there.

You are the Coolest cat i ever Knew D-mac.. :D awesome.


2009-09-30 16:50:01

YEAH !Chameleons are awsome!!!!


2010-01-09 11:02:06

Is that a charzard?


2010-03-21 10:30:24

Chameleon - Hardcore Ninjas.


2011-01-09 10:22:45

I think I understand! You use this picture of a chameleon as an analogy for your voice work - your voice takes any form, any "colour", to match a character, much like a chameleon changes its colour to match its environment! I could either be very smart or very tired. Or both.

D-Mac-Double responds:

Ding ding! :D


2011-06-11 18:07:39

Cool.VERY cool