Entry #2

The Chameleon Voice

2010-05-04 01:20:11 by D-Mac-Double


And here's some old stuff.


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2010-05-04 02:06:02

gah!! u are so stellar- ur voice alone makes me want to start my series! haha

ps- i never knew u did austins voice in surface!!!


2010-05-06 03:52:33

Hey I need a voice actor for my new game, how much do you charge for 4 sentences? I need a medieval story told, for this game shown at the bottom: http://kenney.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/456104

D-Mac-Double responds:

I don't charge for any of the voicework that I do online. PM me with further details if you'd like me to voice something for you.


2010-05-09 21:38:51

0:24 sounded a lot like Jaleel White.

D-Mac-Double responds:

Ha! Oddly enough, 0:24 features the very same voice I also use on Tails!
Haven't actually tried to mimick Jaleel for a role yet, but I might one of these days.


2010-06-11 04:32:52

Nice! Quite talented voice acting! Is it with years of practice or just natural ability that you're this good? I think you defiantly could go for a career that involves voice acting. :)


2010-06-11 04:35:30

*Looks at profile description*

Sorry, dumb moment. I see you already have a job relating to voice acting. >.<


2010-07-09 07:34:44

Wow. Just. Wow.

I knew about The Demon, but all of the others just shocked me to ...I dunno ...and back. Seriously, you are an inspiration.


2010-10-28 07:39:05


D-Mac-Double responds:

I sure does!


2011-01-09 23:10:45

wow I've actual played and seen most of those shows/flashes :D Nice work

D-Mac-Double responds:

Many thanks!


2011-01-10 14:34:48

Super nuke Bros. Is that a game or animation, or what?

D-Mac-Double responds:

It's a fully playable game demo. You can play it here:
http://no-you.net/al/demo_page.ht ml


2011-01-11 21:23:51

I just have to remind you,
your voice is the rich, sexy chameleon of all voices. It's true.


2011-01-12 00:56:53

Your a god among men sir.
I really liked the Dot Dot Dot audio and flash.


2011-01-12 17:09:11

I want to make love to your voice.


2011-01-12 19:50:58

Explain to me.... EXPLAIN TO ME!!!!!


2011-01-13 12:00:06

dude! you are the one that does the voice of the demon! ur awesome man! and luigi too dude im proud of you keep it up!!


2011-01-14 04:00:10

You have the voice of an angel. Have my babies.


2011-01-14 13:46:48

So you did the voice of Meowth on super smash bros? Also you did the voice of the boss in the game you were helping make fun of in dot dot dot? Thats pretty sweet xD

D-Mac-Double responds:

Nuke Bros, not Smash Bros. It's an unofficial fan game.

I did the "Dot Dot Dot" recording because the creator of the RPG asked me to. Dot Dot Dot makes fun of poor spelling, not the game itself. I love the game, and think it's brilliant.


2011-01-14 21:40:10

U sure have the talent! Congrats!
Your works are really awsome!
Really lüv ur voice!!


2011-01-14 23:03:18

You amuse me so my good man. Extremely talented. Please make moar. :3


2011-01-16 13:16:44

Loved the dot dot dot audio just wish you had left the guys username out of it.


2011-01-16 18:24:18

your voice is like sweet maple syrup.


2011-01-17 09:48:48

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/4 e3d8d56993c4b90a17e5bbbde8ec1ce

^^Think you can do a voice-over of that one, too? :P XD


2011-01-19 23:55:58

did you great any voice acting?


2011-01-22 13:50:49

Great voices. Too bad I don't need a voice actor. :(

Keep up the good work. :)


2011-01-23 16:58:14

The athore comments are total lies! How is this even supposed to be voice acting anyway!!!!!!

JK Your voice acting (vacting? lol) rocks!


2011-01-23 19:05:18

you are such a pro


2011-01-25 17:43:55

youw voys...gifs me an owgasm!


2011-02-04 13:46:56

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/e 78312572811c8a60cecf064f91c418c

Oh, PLEASE let this one be done! XD


2011-02-13 11:03:17

Wow! All my favorite flash submissions and Youtube videos, you've voiced them all?? Amazing...


2011-02-15 08:20:34

Damn dude! You're a beast in the voiceover world!


2011-02-21 13:29:27

Haha, I quite enjoyed this video. I wish to get into this sort of thing as a career. Could you place upon me some valuable advice?

D-Mac-Double responds:

It greatly helps to have some acting background. Be it through a school drama club, community theatre, or even improv classes. "Voice acting" is still "acting", thus it's crucial to be comfortable with "losing yourself" in a moment, to convey a character and tell a story effectively.

Watch A LOT of cartoons, and pay close attention to the voices you hear in TV and radio commercials. Think about about what stands out to you. What's memorable or effective, and why? What -isn't-? What can you borrow from them, and how might you have done things differently?

You can even pick up a lot from the people you meet in everyday life. Everyone has their own unique quirks, and no two talk exactly alike.


2011-03-13 14:05:27

Hi, i have seen your user name on an animation but im not sure it is, you maked the voice of mario and luigi in Twomps the movie and some others?

D-Mac-Double responds:

Thwomps had one of the very few sprite movie scripts I didn't totally hate, but yes, I reluctantly voiced Mario like 50 times between 2005 and 2008.


2011-03-26 15:20:38

Wow! I had no idea how many different kinds of voices that you do! Really cool stuff!

D-Mac-Double responds:

Thanks! I really love to keep people guessing what I'll do next. For in the game of chess, you must never let your opponent see your pieces.

...That -is- how it works, right?


2011-05-05 02:11:49

Great job on your Pico Project.

D-Mac-Double responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


2011-06-11 21:06:42

Your voice is... just.. amazing...
I never knew someone's voice could go through that many high pitches and low pitches, XD;
I sorta practice voice acting and animation, but voice acting more, since it brings out my personality.
You know, you can be a inspiration to me! XD;
But, just for curiosity, what do you equipment/tools/mics you use for Flash movies? :o
*wishes it's just mics*


2011-06-29 00:48:50

whoa u did all of them voices and many others on newgrounds that is awesome and they all sound so diffrent from each other


2011-07-14 06:56:14

Half the stuff I knew was your voice
I never imagined it to be someone else
You really are a fantastic voice actor!


2012-09-23 07:25:41

oh my gosh u get to voice a lot of stuff and I never knew that u can be that freaken cool X.X


2012-11-16 16:40:24

My name is cast and I'm starving to death. Please help me.


2015-04-26 15:58:40